Applications of CLC

CLC is excellent for strong yet light walls, noise insulating floors and leakproof roofs

Cellular Lightweight Concrete, also known as foamed concrete or cellular concrete is not an autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) product, it is conventional concrete with a wide range of densities, choice of aggregates and mix designs.

It is widely used in the manufacture of single skin lightweight concrete wall panels, employing tilt-up construction. This is an ideal situation for the manufacture of light commercial structures and factories as well as residential housing.

Lightweight Concrete Panels:

The multitude of applications for lightweight concrete include: aerated lightweight concrete blocks and lightweight tilt-up panels, foamed concrete floor screeds, sound and thermal insulation, geotechnical and ornamental concrete applications.
Aerated Lightweight Concrete lends itself to tilt-up construction methods, and panels can be poured even on site, saving transportation and handling costs.

Casting of our lightweight concrete panels is very similar to producing regular panels and most commercially available additives used with concrete can be used with our aerated lightweight concrete too.

Aerated Concrete Masonry Blocks:

Amongst a range of lightweight masonry blocks which can be produced from foamed concrete, solid CLC Block is the most popular product.

CLC Block is a lightweight block which saves on construction time, which can be produced in various densities and requires very little mortar. It features high insulation values, is fireproof and can be made in several sizes, although certain symmetrics need to be taken into account.

We supply molds and machinery needed for the production of these lightweight aerated concrete blocks and are looking for Licensees around the globe.

Architectural Ornamentation / Void filling

Architectural Ornamentation is a natural application for foamed concrete. Dramatical reduction in weight (typically by ½ or ⅔) makes it a lot easier to handle and support, without loosing the durability aspect of concrete.

Fireplaces in natural stone are often too heavy for some structures, especially if they are retrofitted. Moreover, cellular concrete provides excellent insulation, reducing the risk of fire.

Lightweight aerated concrete ornamentation products can be of type columns, bench tops, ledges, arches, tiles etc – anything which can be cast in molds. For sculpting, large blocks of our aerated concrete can be cast and sculpted, using woodworking tools. Additional colour can be added.

Foamed Concrete Economic Housing Projects

Low Cost Housing projects the world over are generally very competitive, large in volume but low in margin for the developer. Cellular concrete can provide the competitive edge, since it is up to 40% cheaper compared with regular concrete, when used in bulk quantity.

In most cases, on-site stack-casting of panels is employed, using ready mix trucks which are charged with flyash, cement and water before the foam is added. The trucks discharge the lightweight concrete directly into the molds.

In certain parts of the world, cast-in-place (in situ casting) is preferred, in particular in seismic zones where a column-and-beam structure is required. This can be incorporated in the structure.