CLC Flooring / Roofing

CLC Roofs & Floors reduce dead-weight, improve weather-proofing and minimize air-conditioning requirements

CLC is used for roofing and flooring applications extensively.

A low density mix is chosen and the resulting air content gives the material excellent thermal insulation properties. The low density also has the advantage that it does not significantly add to the overall weight of the roof.

Foamed concrete has two benefits when it is used for roofing. The first benefit is that it provides a high degree of thermal insulation. The second benefit is that it can be used to lay a flat roof to falls, i.e. to provide a slope for drainage. Foamed concrete is also much lighter than slopes made from mortar screeds. This means that a roof with a slope made of foamed concrete imposes a lower loading on the structure of the building.

CLC can be produced and poured for floors and roofs on-site. In roofs it can be used because of very good insulation properties and it is comparatively lightweight.

For floors CLC offers faster installation and a less expensive option because of the flowing and self-leveling properties.